Empower your business by enabling automated recurring payments from your customers. Be it a gym membership or a monthly club membership, Airpay subscription management will send payment reminders and collection requests with customizable frequency, payment date and amount.

Payment Instruments

It is time to go above and beyond credit card transactions! Airpay validates payment instruments and activates them in real-time for future transactions. Go beyond standing instructions and give your customers the flexibility of changing the instrument as and when they need it. Store your customer's information in a protected and secure environment.

Payment Instruments

Subscription Management

Subscription management is a service which works on top of payment gateway to handle subscriptions and ensure that the right account is charged the right amount.


Dunning Process

Automatically send reminder notifications to your customers about past due accounts. Reducing the time and resources spent manually checking up on delinquent accounts. We will ensure that customer has updated payment details on file so that the occurrence of failed transactions is reduced.

For example:
When the Lending card / debit card is about to expire Bank account details have changed

Dunning Process

Unified Customer View

ERPs were built to track products not customer relationships. Airpay offers a single interface to own the entire subscription lifecycle so that you have a single view of a customer.

Customer View

Billing Models


Charge the same amount on the same date at the same time interval


Charge your customers based on usage tier based billing


Offer a free trial for XX number days post which you start billing automatically


Charge a different amount on the same date based on the product / service usage


Charge a one time fee + subscription fee on a fixed schedule

Payment report

Get insight into customer retention and new sales

  • Monthly recurring revenue
  • Average revenue per customer
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Customer churn rate
  • Revenue churn
  • New / Active / Paused / Reactivated / Cancelled subscriptions
  • Average subscription cycle
  • Average subscription frequency