Our omnichannel fintech platform enables 360-degree payment management for enterprises. Improve your cash flow through seamless accounts receivables and optimizing accounts payable.

Accounts Receivable

Never lose a customer because of a lack of payment options. Automatically accept various domestic and international instruments through simplified integrated solutions - subscription management for recurring billing, consumer lending for instant EMI purchases, instant in-ward remittance, and out-of-the-box compliance management.


Accounts Payable

Consolidate and aggregate your accounts payable through a single interface for expense management, vendor, and utility payments. Optimize your cash flow through working capital loans and bill discounting.



Payment collection across online, mobile, call center, retail, or payment collection centers. All this is enabled through standard SDKs and APIs for real-time information exchange.





Accepting every major payment instrument. Credit and Debit Cards, Net banking, and Wallets

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Managing and collecting recurring payments from customers

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Enable inbound remittances from 5 continents to UAE. Airpay allows you to collect payments

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Corporate Expense Management

Expense management, vendor and utility payments for enterprises.

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Extensible and Scalable Architecture

Consumers are constantly adopting new platforms of interaction forcing you to go where they are. We ensure our platform is scalable and automatically available on all these platforms

Consistent Customer Experiences

Your customers will experience the same tailored experience irrespective of the location they are interacting with you on.

Risk and Compliance Reap

We live in a new reality of high risk, fast changing compliance and regulatory standards and procedures. We will make sure you are in compliance all the time.

Central Data Repository

All your data is stored in a central location of easy processing and access.

Frictionless Customer Journeys

Customers follow the same user journeys as they move from interactions on the computer to the mobile or voice. No new discoveries or learnings for them.

Extensive Business Intelligence

Your business is constantly generating new data points. We give you access to these data points and processed reports to make smarter business decisions.